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Guide to Google My Business

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Now many of you may have heard of Google My Business, and may already be using it to your advantage but for those of you who don't, we are going to break down everything you need to know as a business owner about the platform.

Google My Business is a profile you can set up for your business, so that when someone searches on google for your industry, locations, or business your profile will show up with all the relevant information, as displayed.

You can include all your business information including contact details, address and opening hours. The platform also allows has a number of other features including:

  • Creating posts and COVID-19 updates.

  • Posting photo and video content.

  • Customers to give reviews on your business.

  • Links to your website or to your appointment scheduling provider.

  • Links to video-conference platforms such as zoom, google meet, and skype.

  • Add products and services, as well as pricing.

  • Insights including impressions, clicks, visits to your website, and the breakdown of whether people search for your business directly or find you through discovery.

These features are all completely free, and as Google is the most widely used search engine, if you're not using Google My Business you're doing your small business a great disservice, especially if you have a physical location or you're a service-based business. Please note you will have to verify your business, where they send a physical card out to your mailing address, so be prepared to wait before having your account ready to go.

So if you haven't set up your Google My Business yet, put it on your to-do list, and if you have here are our top tips to make sure you're getting the most out of your Google My Business!

Our tips to using Google My Business efficiently to benefit your business:

  1. Make sure you've completed all the information on your Google My Business page, if you can book an appointment online with your business be sure to link to your site and also link your website if you have one.

  2. Encourage your audience to leave reviews on your Google My Business, people truly check this and if you don't have any positive reviews chances are you're losing business. So be sure to encourage your customers and clients to leave you a review but make it easy for them! You can do this in a number of ways including; via an email marketing campaign, QR codes in your physical location, asking your customers at the end of their service or after purchase (direct them to a link online or QR code in person), and even giving them an incentive to leave you a review!

  3. At the beginning of each month, set a reminder on your phone to upload a post or new photos to your Google My Business profile and just check your profile is up to date. You can let people know of promotions you have going on, and while you're there be sure to check your insights so you can get an idea if engagement with your profile is improving!

  4. You can also add events, products, and services to your account with prices. But be sure to keep the information up to date if you choose to upload these aspects of your business.

We hope this helps you better understand Google My Business and how you can utilise it for your small business, if you have any further questions please feel free to send us a message and we will do our best to facilitate you!

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